Mitch is offering his previously performed drills at a fraction of the cost of an original custom drill.  This option offers your band a proven, high quality Mitch Rogers drill at a very affordable price. 

Mitch's pre-written shows fall into two categories:

1) Stock shows.

2)​ Previously performed custom shows

  • These were once custom drills that are now available for a fraction of their original cost.  They can be modified to better fit your band for an additional charge which varies with the degree of modification necessary.   Of course, you’re welcome to modify the shows yourself.  Pyware files will be provided.
  • In some cases music must be purchased separately and may need re-arranging to satisfy copyright requirements.  Mitch can assist you in acquiring music to accompany these drills.  (You will need to get PERMISSION TO ARRANGE from the music’s copyright holders.)
  • Select a show title to view more specific information about each show (Focus on drills designed with similar wind numbers to your own band.)  then contact Mitch to discuss in more detail.  Video of all drill animation is available on request.